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The drama of the collapse

The plot seems to have thickened in the Prestige Group building collapse story.

I’ll start with a correction – The collapse did not happen at the mall under construction, but rather at a large complex of a half dozen or so apartment towers under construction a few minutes up the road from that. First, the company was never willing to help with regard to interviewing the workers, one of whom is still missing and possibly under the rubble.

Then it got even better. A security guard from the site was found dead on the railroad tracks the next day. The police commisioner said that the guard had a history of drinking and ruled out foul play.

We have also verified the duty register where Shivanna had signed around 8 pm, after completing his duties. We have eye-witnesses who had seen Shivanna manning the people after the building collapse, so there is no doubt over the reason of his death. The city Railway Police who have registered the unnatural death, are continuing with the investigation.’

Gee… the company is impeding an investigation and suddenly this guy turns up dead on railway tracks. I wonder how many lakh (100’s of thousands of Rupees) it took for city police commissioner Shankar Bidari to come to that conclusion so quickly.

There have been arrests in this case, but something tells me that these people are scapegoats.


The case of the disappearing workers

In today’s morning paper (The Hindu again), I read something that really shocked me.

In a nutshell: There is a shopping mall tower being built about a mile or so from here. It is a prominent feature of the skyline if I stand on the roof of our house and look towards the East. Yesterday, there was a construction accident when a portion of an upper floor collapsed, triggering a World Trade Center style cascading pancake. Luckily, nobody was killed, but several individuals were injured.

And then they disappeared.

That is right, the company, Prestige Group, a prominent property developer here in Bangalore actually hid the injured workers from the media and police. They claim that all of the workers were given outpatient treatment and then released.

That is simply mind boggling.

In America or Europe, the company’s PR machine would be kicking into overdrive right now, but they would not dare interfere with a police investigation. This would get the CEO of the company sent to jail on obstruction of justice charges and would forever tarnish the company’s reputation. Somehow, the fact that they did this seems to indicate that they feel that there will no repercussions.

So let me say it:

Dear Prestige Group, you disgust me!

Daniela and I have agreed not to go shopping there when it is finished.