About Dave

Dave Dave Stocker is a 36 year old American who seems to have accidentally become a world traveler. He was an army brat who moved around the world quite a bit before his father retired from the service, ending on the “Jersey Shore” of New Jersey, were Dave spent his teens and early twenties. After getting his BS in Physics from Monmouth University (then Monmouth College) and a listless post graduation year, he headed of to grad school at Clarkson University in very rural, very cold and very empty northern New York to get a PhD in Biological Physics.

There he met a beautiful grad student from Germany and a few years later, found himself in an empty lab in Missouri with a wife and baby daughter in Germany. Soon thereafter, he found himself living in Germany and working as a developer for a large software vendor. Now, for the next year or so, he hinds himself in Bangalore, India; land of hippie inspiration and IT outsourcing.

Dave’s hobbies include mountain biking and long distance running. He once ran a marathon and plans never to do it again. He enjoys being an armchair designer of virtual worlds and actually partakes in trying his hand at creating hobbyist worlds; despite all of the warnings against it from experts. Lastly, he is an enthusiastic hiker and backpacker. This passion is a big part of the yay/nay decision about choosing a place to live. He is determined to hike in the Himalayas before leaving India.


7 responses to “About Dave

  1. Hi Dave! Thanks for your interesting blog. I own a house in Palm Meadows but presently I am staying in Calif. Wish you a happy and safe stay in Bangalore.

    Things to avoid: Traveling by car late nights.

  2. Hi Dave, Can you name the two-pro shops that you mentioned in your blog entry about “Shopping camera” ? I know of only one shop (jayesh) near the police station. This shop is a lot far from Indiranagar where I am staying to just to buy a 62mm clear/UV filter. If you don’t mind, please mail me (s a b a r i s h [d o t] b a l a g o p a l [a t] g m a i l [d o t] c o m) the shop details. Also which camera you bought after the shopping ?

    • The other one is Naresh, but he is also in Majestic and not far from Jayesh. If is just a UV filter that you need (not a circular polarizer), then you can get one from any GK Vale; though they might need to order it. Also, in ground floor the Total Mall on the Sarjapura road, there is a kiosk that sells UV filters. He did not have the 58mm that I needed, but I think I saw 62mm filters.

      I ended up with a Canon 100D. The Canon 50D and Nikon D90 were both a bit pricey for me and I liked the 100D more than the Nikon D60 (mirror lockup sold me).

  3. Ahh thank you so much … GK Vake (Indiranagar) seems always out of stock on filters. I have bought a D60. I guess I am quite happy with it as I am a novice in photography and learning … Do you have flickr ? If so kindly share 🙂 I like wandering in flickr for hours ..
    Thank you once again for the details and quick reply post!!!

  4. I found your flickr from your links here .. thanks!

  5. hi dave,

    nice blog..am also in bang and we share common intrests..why dont we catch up sometime or organize some trips together.

    see ya
    sherry peter

  6. Hi Dave, This is Venu from Bangalore. We make excellent quality Jumpstart Cables. ( much much better than the ones made in china). this concept is new to India so nobody has one in their car. Anytime you need one please get in touch with me

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