The Cobra

I got a phone call this morning from our driver.

Sir, are the children at home?

Yes. Why?

I caught a small cobra over here at SAP and I want to bring it over there to show them.

I suspected another harmless rat snake, because last week he brought a rat snake from the office campus. It was not…


8 responses to “The Cobra

  1. damnnnn….
    i’m so scared of those things.
    hope the kids r well…
    and is your year in India coming to an end?

  2. Double Damn !!! I regret we’ve already left you guys! Hanna & Eva

  3. There ya go. A couple more weeks and you also could have seen the “cobra in a jar”. Seriously, he transferred it to a large, wide mouthed plastic jug with a perforated lid for transport. That’s how he carried it around afterwards. He even took it home on his motorcycle afterwards. Supposedly, he was going to bring it to a lab that would milk its venom and release it.

    Daniela’s first words when she got to the car at the end of the day were, “where is the snake”. She did not want the kind of surprise that she had when he had the rat snake in a bag in the center console. He told her “not here”. “Not here”, meant in the back of the car.

  4. A nice lady approached our van on Ring Road on Sunday with a basket. I had my window down and she tapped my arm. I turned and she said something I couldn’t understand. Then she took the top off the basket and low there was a Cobra just like yours about 1 ft from my face. It was sleeping. so of course she flicked it. It woke up. Stacy screamed and I rolled up the window. Ill mark that as one of the things that will never happen in Minnesota.

  5. Hey Dave,
    Have u left India? What’s going on?

    • Yeah. Sorry about never updating. We left Bangalore at the end of May and spent the better part of a month hiking and sightseeing in Uttarakhand. Then when we got to Germany, things were so hectic for so long that I never finished up and eventually it fell by the wayside. For a long time, I’d thought about what my closing post would be like and then I was just so busy and so mobile that it went out with a whimper instead of a bang. I’ll have to write a proper closing post.

  6. ahh just came back to check on u. Thanks for the update. Hope your Christmas was good. Tale Care guys.

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