Caught in the Wild!

I’ve been stalking it for months. I know it by its distinctive roar; not quite like those of its cousin species. Is it a mating call? A territorial display? Despite its verbal displays, it is camera shy and you usually only catch glimpses. I can find one in the zoo and the opportunities for photography are far better in that setting, but nothing beats catching it in the wild. I have finally filmed the fabled Tejas!

Caught on Camera!

Caught on Camera!

The HAL Tejas is a fighter jet under development here in India. I see them occasionally flying about, usually taking off or landing out of the HAL airport as Palm Meadows is near the flight path. It actually does have a distinctive sound and is not quite like that of the Jaguars, Mig-21s and HAL Kirans that also fly out of HAL. I’ll probably come home with much better photos next weekend at the Aero India airshow, but it was cool to finally nab a halfway decent pic of one passing the house.

These jets are certainly one of the factets of life here as there are lots of them and it can be LOUD at times.


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