The Fogger Dude

Every night at 7PM, we have a visitor on our street. A man rides a bicycle along every street curb in Palm Meadows. On the back of his bicycle is an insecticide fogging device which he uses to fog up the neighborhood. An American neighbor two streets over refers to him as the “fogger dude”. The kids have learned to drop everything and come inside when he comes around. A couple of weeks ago, Sammy took half an hour to put on his safety gear for skating. He finished putting on his gear and went out with his skateboard. Two minutes later, he came running back in.

Fogger Guy!

The fogger dude never wears a mask. Daniela told me about a thirdhand story that she got from another German expat who spoke to an Indian who was familiar with the fogger dude system and heard a shocking line; one that seems to be handed down trough word of mouth:

They usually stop coming after a little while. Then a new one takes over.


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