High Beams

One thing really annoys me when driving in India. Okay, several things annoy me when driving in India, but with most of them, I have learned to give as good as I get. I regularly hear comments about how well I’ve taken to driving in India. (I still only mostly drive on weekends)

But leaving the high beams on in traffic will always annoy me.

It takes virtually no effort to go to low beams and it is churlish not to do so; yet people regularly leave the high beams on. Sometimes I estimate the high beam crowd at more than fifty percent. Our driver also rants about it and about how people don’t lower theirs when you lower yours, or flash your high beams at them. He also rants that busses always use the high beams, which I suspect to be true from my experience.

I do have one funny anecdote about highbeams. When we were in Rajasthan, we drove from Ajmer to Pushkar at night. It is a twisty, mountain road with a lot of traffic. We passed a sign reading “Use Dippers”. Right afterwards, the next three oncoming vehicles all had their high beams on. I turned to the driver we had there and said:

They don’t know how to use the dippers in Rajasthan either

Then I noticed the high beam indicator was lit up on his instrument panel.


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