Pic of the Day – Raptor Row

This is another Jaipur photo. I saw a group of black kites lines up on a rooftop in the early morning light and just had to take a shot. One thing that India has is an amazing number of birds of prey. In America, eagles are associated with wilderness. Here, I’ve seen at least two different breeds (booted eagle and short toed snake eagle) in Bangalore. And then there are the kites. They are everywhere. I think that they fill the same niche as seagulls do in other places as they are mostly scavengers and are more common in cities than the countryside. One thing that defines cities in India is the swarms of big raptors turning, twisting and soaring overhead.

Raptor Row

Raptor Row


One response to “Pic of the Day – Raptor Row

  1. I loved the strange (to me) collection of flying creatures in Bangalore. From the apartment I was staying in, on Cunningham Road, all day long you could see the raptors hovering over the butcher shop at Russell Market, a few blocks away. At sunset they would slowly drift away, and the fruit bats would come out from the trees behind the compound.

    I saw hardly any seagulls at all in India — even at the beaches, where it seemed like crows had completely taken over their spot.

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