Pic of the Day – The Porter

When we were at the Amber fort in Jaipur, I went off wandering through the maze of rooms in the palace. As I rounded a bend, I ran into one of the female construction porters that seem to be at the Amber fort doing renovation work. She whispered to me in a hushed tone:

Photo? Photo?

She was interested in having her picture taken (for a tip of course) and also seemed to want not to be too loud about it. She was very photogenic. Interestingly, there were a couple of things that we did not notice until afterwards. Firstly, her top shirt button is unbuttoned. Secondly, she has relatively good teeth. Thirdly, she looked straight into the camera and struck a pose.

Either I found a model working undercover, or a most unusual porter.




3 responses to “Pic of the Day – The Porter

  1. wow Dave so nice of u.

    I wonder if SHE is a HE is a SHE…i mean a transvestite?

  2. He/She/It did not really look like a hijra, but I must confess that I’m not very good at spotting them. Sometimes I do catch on and think “hey, that is a dude in a sari”, but I reckon that it is less than 50% of the time.

  3. SHE is not a porter. She is a masonry worker ie construction work. what she carries is a iron pot filled with mortar.

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