Back from the desert

We are back from Rajasthan. We flew to Jaipur, did the usual tourist thing of walking around in the old city and visiting Fort Amber. Then we set off westwards by car to Ajmer and Pushkar, on to Jodhpur and finally to Jaiselmer, a lonely outpost of civilization waaaaaaaay out in the Thar Desert; before venturing even further into the desert to a little place called Khuri. The kids loved the trip. It is an official mantra in our house that “Rajasthan is cooler than Bangalore”.

I don’t even know where to begin. To add to it, Daniela and I read The White Tiger during downtime during the trip. I think it will take a few days – or more – to discharge my impressions.


2 responses to “Back from the desert

  1. Could you add some photos for us of your travels?

    Expat 21

  2. Sure thing! Check the Flickr Stream on the bottom of the panel on the right. It has been updates with Raj pics.

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