A New Broom

In the past couple of weeks, we have had all new security people here at Palm Meadows. It seems that all of the old security personnel were disposed of and a new batch brought in. The uniforms are different now as the contractor has changed. Daniela noticed that and asked our driver about it to see if anything had happened to provoke the change. He might have heard something through the grapevine from the other drivers or domestic help.

Of course Madam, a new broom sweeps better!

It seems that they practice periodically changing support personnel for its own sake on the theory that those newer to the job will perform better. I spoke with one of the community leaders of the neighborhood the other day and he confirmed this.


2 responses to “A New Broom

  1. There’s some truth to this. Someone who is used to a place no longer really sees it; they subconsciously assume that the view is just as it was the last hundred times they looked.

    The typical solution is to move security personnel between posts periodically (or better yet, at random intervals); move the guy on the front gate to the back gate, and the guy on the top floor to the bottom floor. Firing everyone and bringing in newbies is a strange approach. You now have the opposite problem: They notice everything they see, but they don’t know enough about the area to know if things are as they should be. They don’t know the people, or the vehicles, or the neighborhood habits.

  2. interesting.

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