A surreal Thanksgiving

Did hear about the attacks in Mumbai last night?

What attacks?

That was at the bus stop this morning. I had rolled out of bed and gotten the kids off to the bus stop. I had seen the headline about the attacks in Mumbai, but frankly had ignored it. It was an understated headline and lately there have been a spate of communal attacks by Hindus there – with an ensuing scandal involving the BJP – and I thought it was related.

Then Sharon told me that a hundred people had been killed and it hit closer to home.

So I went home and checked the news. Dani and I been glued to the news all day; switching between television news and the internet. The news is pretty much nonstop downtown Mumbai. Life here in Bangalore is going on as normal; though the topic of conversation is universally Mumbai.

In other news, we’re going out to dinner in a short bit. We don’t have an oven and cooking a turkey would have involved cooking it in the neighbors’ oven (we did find a source for turkeys); but given that they are Brahmans, that would not have gone over well. Between watching the attack coverage on the news and going out to a multi-cuisine restaurant instead of cooking at home, this is a surreal Thanksgiving.


2 responses to “A surreal Thanksgiving

  1. You know Dave…..I know nothing about you other than this blog. Yet, when I heard about the attacks, I said a little prayer and hoped you and your family members were safe.

  2. My bf is working in Chennai. He also said that the bombing in Mumbai was very much under reported. He said business as usual. No one seems to talk about it in Chennai.

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