The Saree

They are having “ethnic day” in Daniela’s office, so she had to wear something local. No jeans and certainly no salwar kameez as that is “North Indian”; though is is in the process of slowly replacing the saree as the daily wear of women down here. (For women our age or younger, the choice of whether to wear a saree or salwar kameez as daily wear seems to be a fairly clear indicator of socioeconomic status) Dani wore a saree to the office today.

Oh the irony that they chose Halloween to have ethnic day!

Dani in a saree

Dani in a saree


2 responses to “The Saree

  1. Wow! Daniela looks great!!! She even managed to wear it nicely. Well done Daniela!!

    by the way David, wearing Salwar is not only the the indication of socio economic status but also the indication of marital status (especialy in rural areas most younge women these days wear Salwar before marriage and switch to Saree after marriage).

  2. its kind of funny that fancy dress is called costumes sometimes as well

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