It is currently Diwalli in India. It celebrates the god Rama returning from exile and seems to be a bit like Christmas, Fourth of July and New Years all rolled into one. They all go home to visit family, do the “Christmas lights” decorations, eat a lot and set off firecrackers, which are known as “crackers” here.

Oh the firecrackers.

World War Three is currently being fought outside. It began on Friday and has intensified with each passing day. I’m not yet sure who is winning. I’ll be sure to post when I know.

It also starts early. This morning at six AM, I sat down with a cup of coffee for my normal early routine of quietly drinking coffee, reading newspapers on the internet and phoning my mother in New Jersey. Just outside the house, there was an earth shattering KABOOM!

Jeez! Who is setting off fireworks at 6AM?

I continued to read my news and drink my coffee. A few minutes later, another went off. The kids began to stir. A short while later, a long string of firecrackers went off down the street. Coffee cup in hand, I ventured outside and started down the block. I wanted a good look at the churlish teenager who was behind it.

Our next door neighbor, Raju the neurology professor (who is in his 50’s), was standing in his driveway looking over the morning newspaper.

Hi Dave! How was your trip yesterday? (we went to Hogenekkal Falls. A topic for another time)

Fantastic! It was a three and a half hour drive each way, but was worth it. What the hell is wrong with that guy setting off the fireworks down the street?

Oh! Don’t worry about it. Everyone is celebrating. It’s just one day a year.

JESUS CHRIST! They woke the kids up! They could at least wait until 8AM or so when the kids are awake!

I’m sorry! That was me!

When I got back inside, I nearly spit my coffee out laughing.


One response to “Diwalli

  1. hehhee
    dave u party pooper

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