The “snake”

A few minutes ago, I stepped out the door to walk down to the store. As I passed the hedge in front of the house, I heard something move.

A snake perhaps?

As it was after dark, I went back into the house and grabbed the flashlight (a large, black, Maglite that has lived on three continents during the past decade). Sammy followed me out and proceeded to take over the job of flashlight holder. I went back inside and grabed a trekking pole. I fully extended it to keep me safely away from any snakes and we two boys proceeded to poke around in the hedge under the light of the flashlight. I was wondering if we’d find a hissing, showy cobra, or possibly a coiled up, hissing, Russell’s viper. Supposedly, Russel’s vipers have the loudest hiss of any snake. What I certainly did not want to find was a krait. Just the idea of one of those things scares me.

We found a gecko. A cute one about four inches long.


3 responses to “The “snake”

  1. That’s a major upgrade from the rainworm (admittedly a big fat rainworm) our boys had discovered last time when they envisioned a snake 😉

  2. Did it try to offer you car insurance? Sorry for the US commercial reference, but I had to do it.

  3. Soliciting is banned here in Palm Meadows, but it did leave a flyer in my mailbox. 😉

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