Pic of the Day – The Vodaphant

While in Kerala, I actually saw an elephant that was working for a living. Up until now, I have seen wild elephants, temple elephants and elephants that you can ride, but never an actual working elephant. Naturally I had to take a photo. I like the composition with the elephant being used as an old fashioned heavy hauler, combined with the endless Vodaphone ads.

The Vodaphant

The Vodaphant


One response to “Pic of the Day – The Vodaphant

  1. well…big corporates are eating India inside out…that explans the endless VODAFONE ad…

    Elephants are mainly used mainly inthe wood industries…also, they [caparisoned ones] are used for festivals across the state of Kerala. You know we got that custom from the Budhism which was one of the main religion hundreds of years ago.

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