Who ARE these people?

A couple of funny things that happens when we go out in places where westerners are few and far between. The first always starts…

Which country are you from?

There are always enough curious and sociable people to make walking two hundred meters (1/8 mile) take ages. It gives a practical example to furlongs per fortnight. Between conversations, people also ask us to pose for photos.

But the really strange thing is when random strangers come up to you and say

Take my photograph

I always thought that Charlotte was a ham, with the way that she loves to be photographes and poses. She is camera shy in comparison to these people. But still… who the heck are these people that I’ve got pictures of in my camera memory?

Who are these people?

Who are these people?

And these people?

And these people?


3 responses to “Who ARE these people?

  1. Good to see you are back.

    Yeh people coming up to me for pics happens a lot when I’m in India too. At teh end of every trip I have a list of names and addresses and I post the photos to them. Once in the Tanjore main Temple some young men approached me and asked if I’d take a pic of them and email it to them – which I did. weird.
    In trichy a group of girls from a local school approached me and said that they had been good friend for 3 years and do not have a single photo together and asked if I’d take one. It made me so sad. I took the pics and they walked with me to the photo shop where I made prints for them from my memory card. I never saw them/heard from them again (they didn’t have my address or anything anyway).
    Crazy huh? How we take a camera for granted. wow.

  2. Y’know Durga, it is not much extra work for me to write down an address when this happens and send them a copy of the pic. For that matter, the next time we head out to Ranganatha Swamy hill, we can take photos of the villagers from the last time we were there. That might liven up their day.

  3. Dave u live in india. u see people who want a photo everyday – its a hassle to post them out photos.
    people like me who visit for a few weeks every year – its just a holiday game.
    good on u for even obliging to their request b taking the pic. it would drive me crazy if ppl asked that all the time.

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