Kingfisher Tip

We sat down to have lunch at a restaurant in Fort Cochin. Naturally, being on the coast in Kerala, we ordered many different fish dishes. The girls ordered their sweet lassis. Sammy and Holger ordered lemon sodas. I asked the waiter if they had cold coffee.

No. Would you like a Kingfisher beer Sir?

I did not see beer on the menu and was a bit surprised. Kingfisher is a common domestic beer here in India.

Sure, I’ll take a Kingfisher.

A short while later, our drinks were served. Everyone got a glass with their drink, except me. I got a mug and a stoneware teapot. I was a bit puzzled, until Holger pointed out that the teapot contained beer. Later, when we got the bill, there was no mention of a beer. There was an interesting entry however.

Tip. RS 125

A cold tip on a hot day really hits the spot.



It seems that the restaurant did not have a liquor license. I guess this is how they skirted around it.


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