Back – Part I

I’m back in India.

Getting here was an adventure. It seems that I picked the wrong day to fly home and the wrong route for that matter. When I booked the flights last month, I was not picky about routes. I wanted something, anything that could get me to the US right away. The desperate can’t be picky and we ended up with the flight itinerary from hell. Going to New Jersey was by way of Dubai, Atlanta and Philly. Did you know that the fastest route from Dubai to Atlanta takes you north of the Arctic circle and over Greenland? Dani and the kids came back two weeks ago. I tried to leave on Monday.


The plan was to take a commuter plane from Philly to New York, then on to Paris and Bangalore. Since there was a big get together going on at the UN with 120 world leaders flying in and at the same time someone had paperweights that looked like WWII era grenades in his checked luggage, there was a bit of chaos at JFK. So they held us on the ground in Philly for two hours before letting us take the 20 minute flight to New York. Interestingly, by the time that the evening transatlantic flights were ready to leave, everything was back on schedule and I managed to miss my connection by 15 minutes. Delta rebooked me for a flight the next day. I did not need to collect my checked suitcase. That would be rerouted along with me.

So I rented a car and drove back to my mom’s place in New Jersey.

To be continued…


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