Pic Of The Day – Bucket Man

You see these guys everywhere, always hauling a truckload of buckets on a bicycle. What amazes me – beyond the fact that he can carry so many buckets on a bicycle – is the fact that so many of these guys seem to be in the bucket transport trade. Where do all of these buckets go? It’s not like people eat them. Once you buy a bucket, your bucket needs are largely met. Yet I see these men everywhere. Is there some hidden market somewhere for feeding pet bucket eating crocodiles?

Bucket Man[/caption]


2 responses to “Pic Of The Day – Bucket Man

  1. As far I know they don’t transport buckets….I’ve seen them sell buckets from door to door in the ‘burbs and slums of the cities.

  2. Ahhh…. I always see them on the roads between villages, or between built up areas of Bangalore. Seriously, how much of a living can you make selling buckets?

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