The Grown Up Grad Students – a.k.a. the expats

We were invited to a small gathering at the home of a neighboring expat family. Their daughter is a classmate of Charlotte’s. The gathering was a mix of expats and Indians. A friend of the hosts was giving a house concert as a warmup for being on stage here in Bangalore. The group consists of two Bangaloreans and a professor of music from Colorado. All of the people there were highly educated, eclectic individuals with interesting histories. These are not run of the mill yuppies. Lawyers capable of navigating across borders don’t exactly grow on trees.

Afterwards, Daniela called them “grown up grad students”. It really seems that way. The kinds of people we met in grad school are the same kinds of people we seem to be meeting among the expats here. In a way, when we are around other expats, we are a bunch of grad students again; except that nobody is living in ratty student apartments anymore, everyone has kids and everyone works for a multinational it seems.


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