Where’s the snake catcher when you need him?

We moved in a week too late to see a bit of drama on our little cul de sac. Last week a cobra – a big one apparently – turned up in the neighbor’s yard across the street. Just in case that did not sink in, let me reiterate. The neighbors had a freakin cobra on their lawn!!! I joked about that happening in my first post, but did not really expect it. It really did happen here last week! Apparently, the snake got frightened of the commotion he caused, slithered over to the neighbor’s house directly across the street and hid under the propane (cooking gas) tank. A neighbor tried to call the snake catcher, but apparently that guy is out of the snake catching business now and was too far away at the time. Appropriately, he has a traditional snake charmer tune as his cell phone ringtone. Maintenance eventually killed the snake.

The gardeners have gone through the street and cut back the low shrubs to try to make Avenue 3 a cobra free zone.



One response to “Where’s the snake catcher when you need him?

  1. If you ever in Mumbai, this article about poisonous snakes in Mumbai might come in handy.

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