Pic of the Day – Every where’s a toilet!

Yes! That is a cow wandering in the road and yes, he is relieving himself!



2 responses to “Pic of the Day – Every where’s a toilet!

  1. It is strange that u put up a pic like this & tagg it strangeindia!
    It would be strange if it was the otherwise! I am an Indian, I grew up in the west coast of Karnataka & presently am put up in Bangalore.
    No matter what India is for the World today, its always gonna be that rustic country!
    And I really dont want it to change, just like a lot of Indians out here.
    Its just these simple things which makes India beautiful.
    I remember biking to school, I would have a dozen of bananas just feed these cows on the way!
    Its like so close to nature.
    Where kids dont have to go to a Zoo to see a Cow or a monkey! Or watch Geo/Animal Tv to figure out how to pet!
    For that matter, most of Asian countries would look the same (except for the Gulf, poor nomads!).

    The thoughts here are still of Medieval age, aint they? Keeps me sane I guess, being irrational & foolish. What difference would I make, otherwise!

    Mystical gods,life with colors & nature = India!

    Wish u and ur family a very Happy stay here.

  2. For me, it is strange 😉 Never in a million years would you see such a scene in an American or European city.

    What you see here is the raw observations of a foreigner first getting to know the country. Having quirks that foreigners find strange and funny is not unique to India. Even after many years, I still make amusing observations about Germany and my wife does the same with America.

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