Revisiting the Matrimonials

Since the questions I had in my matrimonials post were burning in the back of my mind, I asked about them on IndiaMike; a travel forum made up of Indians, NRIs, Expats and other westerners who love India. It is a great place to get the lowdown on a particular town, hike, cultural habit or whatever.

It seems that the caste thing is not peackock tail wagging, but that marrying within your own caste is a real preference. Everyone wants to be with someone who understands them. Then an Indian NRI posted about a question he had from singles ads in the UK; specifially what someone meant when they said that they were looking for “fun and beyond”. To me, this sounds like a variant on “friendship and possibly more”, which is simply being coy and not trying to sound desperate. Nobody ever posts “I want to marry” in a personal ad in the West.

India is a high context culture and America and Germany are low context. Something that I’d never considered is that there are aspects of life where we are the high context culture; and love appears to be one of them.


3 responses to “Revisiting the Matrimonials

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  2. the caste system is all about prejudice. It’s crap when people say they marry into their own caste becoz they want to find someone with particular dietary/lifestyle habits/ who understands them…it seriously doesn’t apply in modern day india/ in cities and even ex-pats and indians living overseas…as there is not one particular way people in castes (Hindus based on traditional occupations) live now…they have diversified into many fields and very few live strict Hindu caste ways. It’s the politics (certain political parties in india are caste majority wielding power for a group of people etc) and personal prejudice driven by maintaining a certain level of status and keeping the ‘bllodline pure’ from those of lower/other castes that drives those to stick to them.
    It is said that even if you are Christian, the Hindu caste applies…as your ancestors in India may have been lower caste peasants/fishermen who converted through the kindness of European/Portuguese missionaries in centuries past.
    In the villages though- it’s life or death…u stick to the particular social order…or you don’t belong.
    As I said earlier…India is still to embrace capitalism fully…money will eventually buy out the prejudices…castes and all.

  3. correction: “bloodline”

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