The Bucket… err, Washing Machine

We have struggled with the washing machine in the apartment here. It is a strange beast that does not work like washing machines in western countries.

For the record, we eventually figured out how to run the (undersized) agitator at the bottom of the “bucket”.


One response to “The Bucket… err, Washing Machine

  1. Do u remember the 80’s? A lot of washing machines in the west were like this before the automated machines came in. It amazed me that even places like Tokyo…they still sell these weird “bucket” machines.
    I think in India/SL/subcontinent…they are slightly cheaper than the automated ones…so they still sell them…
    $30 cheaper is nothin to us…but it prolly means more to a first time washing machine buyer i guess.
    Plus washing machines aren’t really a convenience thing in modern middle class India yet….they are a status thing.

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