Cola, the heathly alternative!

There is something that really stunned me after arriving. I read a statistic somewhere that 10% of Indians have type II diabetes, the world’s highest rate of incidence. I understand why. I though Americans had a sweet tooth. It pales in comparison to Indians.

At the kids’ school, they serve breakfast. When the teachers offer to put sugar on the kids’ cereal, it is not a dash for flavoring; it is a big, heaping spoon.

If I order a coffee somewhere and I say “just a little sugar”, I get a whole packet. I try to add my own sugar if given the chance.

They do the same with tea. Admittedly, it is delicious. It is also a ticket to obesity and diabetes however.

In the juice section of the supermarket, it is hard to find 100% juice. It is easy to find sugar water laden with some juice (nectar or “drink”). Alarmingly, many of these “juices” push 20g of sugar per 100ml. That is TWICE the sugar content of Cola!


2 responses to “Cola, the heathly alternative!

  1. Wow! that is a whole lot yes. Whereas there may not be a lot of option there, over here in the UK there is, but people still choose to buy the crap..

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