I’m your friend – Update

When the kids came home, I asked Sammy how his day was and he answered “good, I have a belly ache”. I asked if it was because he was hungry and he said “no, because we ran a lot”.

He also proudly announed that:

  • The boys in his class are faster than the girls
  • There are 11 girls, but only 7 boys
  • There was one girl who was supposed to catch the boys, but could not
  • That small kids eat spicy food that only adults eat in Germany. This was said with a naughty look of “ha! we’re doing things they don’t do back home”
  • That he ate garlic.
  • I think he’ll be just fine.


    One response to “I’m your friend – Update

    1. nice to see ur comment on the gmail.

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