The customs finale

Amazingly, the customs brokers actually showed up last night with our household goods. They had about half a dozen guys; some where customs brokers and some were truck drivers. One of them was even barefoot. They would not let me carry anything. When I went to grab a box and carry it up, they were adamant, “no Sir”! Dani and I had a bit of consternation with one another about whether or not we should tip “them”, who of them (she said not the brokers, but the drivers) and how much. Just as I was about to pull the leader aside and how much I should tip his movers, I saw him tip the mover. I can’t express the relief I felt. This gives me an idea for a new line of work here. Tipping consultant for expats!

Everything was still in the air freight palette when it arrived. Customs never even looked in it. In this regard, I am pleased that BLI’s computer systems did not work the day Daniela went to clear it through customs. They usually rifle through all of the boxes at customs. Instead, I did that at home, grabbing the most important items; namely Charlotte’s stuffed sheep, Sammy’s Legos and wooden train tracks, my coffee press and “real” coffee mugs (not the tiny 100ml things we have been using), namely our easiest to replace Starbucks city mugs; i.e. Heidelberg, Frankfurt, New York and Philly. The harder to replace ones, such as the Barcelona mug that Holger brought back from Spain last month, were left behind in Rotenberg, lest they be destroyed by the movers. We’ll leave the rest in boxes until we find a proper apartment.

Sammy was asleep when the movers delivered everything last night. This morning, when he work up, it was like Christmas. He was wide eyed and exited to have his favorite toys back.


One response to “The customs finale

  1. By the way, Starbucks has exploded in Shanghai. Now, you really find them on EVERY corner. If anybody needs more mugs, let me know!

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