Banned in China!

Or so Holger tells me.I’d like to stoke my own ego and think that my troubles with not tipping the correct amounts with my left hand and the fun of dealing with Indian bureaucracy is why the Chinese authorities have seen fit to ban my blog, but alas not even my imagination stretches that far. More likely it is some mundane reason, such as some wordpress blog talking about Tibet, boycotting the Olympics or how sexy Sharon Stone is; so they banned the whole domain. I dunno… the conspiracy theory version is more fun, so I’m going to stick to it!

Holger has been able to circumvent the filter. Holger 1 :: Golden Firewall 0. And I’m not telling you how he did it.

Lastly, for our friends in the communist party who may be reviewing whether or not to lift the ban…

Sharon Stone


3 responses to “Banned in China!

  1. China blocks the whole wordpress domain. So it is not just your blog.

  2. Well, boo! I thought we were going to have to get a proxy or something set up so that the world can see your kids squabbling with monkeys instead of like monkeys 😛

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