The Piano Guys Saga, Continued

My piano saga continues. They actually showed up before 3PM yesterday. They came at 2:30 in fact. Naturally, the doorbell rang at precisely the moment that I was dialing the phone to talk to a colleague in Germany. I did reckon that they would not be come at the promised time, but who could have guessed that they would be here precisely at 2:30, which was when I scheduled my phone conference. Am I to presume that if I have a meeting scheduled at time XXX, I pretty much have to block my whole day for it?

To make matters more fun, they explained that they forgot their tools yesterday. ??? Did they get stuck in the mud or did they forget their tools? Okaaaaayyyy guys, which is it? Oh and this “must be set up by a specialist” thing? It does not involve calibration or anything. It is just putting the screws for the frame together. If you have ever assembled anything from Ikea and know which end of a screwdriver to hold, you are good to go.

So they set up the piano while I was in the phone meeting and Daniela watched them set it up to see how it was done. Afterwards, I come back into the room and they tell me that there is a 300RS setup fee. WTF?!? The dealer specifically told me that the price quoted was complete, installation included. I paid it, but I was livid afterwards. It was not the money. 300 rupees is the price of two small lattes in Heidelberg. I specifically asked if there was an additional setup fee and the dealer had emphatically said no. I was initially livid at the “dishonesty of the store not being upfront about the price”.

Afterwards, Dani said to me that the guys had loitered about after setting it up and looked as if they were waiting for a tip. When one was not forthcoming it seems, they mentioned the setup fee. We had discussed whether or not we should tip the setup team beforehand. We had concluded that because it was being set up by “experts”, then a tip would not be appropriate. Someday, I’ll get the tipping rules here. Either that, or they really were not up front about the setup fee. Who knows!


5 responses to “The Piano Guys Saga, Continued

  1. Just an idea, but I am not sure at all if I am on the right track: Perhaps the setup guys really work on their own. That means, they do not get paid by the shop and somehow have their own ‘contract’ with the buyer, at least the shop sees it that way. So, the people in the shop tell you that things would be delivered and put up free-of-charge, and somehow they feel this it not really wrong. From their point of view, it is up to you what kind of arrangements you would make with the delivery guys once they come to you. So the guys take it and deliver it on their own risk and see if they can charge you for it. Would be interesting to see what happens if you flatly deny any payment afterwards.
    Again, no idea if my interpretation of events is off the mark or not, comments from Indian locals would be very welcome!

  2. At least a violin and a guitar won’t have a setup fee, unless they want to help you place your hands and chin. 🙂

  3. That is a very good point Holger. I think it can only be answered by an Indian, certified tipping consultant. 😛

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  5. Siddharth Patwa

    Sorry, for what has happned.. I am happy that the set up was done properly., But, as a director of SOUNDGLITZ, I feel sad that they had ask for a tip.. These guys are paid by SOUNDGLITZ for the service to be rendered to our customers..
    Please get in touch with me if you anything to say or for any other query !

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