Daniela went to the new Bangalore airport yesterday to clear our household goods through customs. Apparently, it was quite the experience. Our stuff has been in India for a week, but they managed to lose it at the airport. .This seems to be the norm at the airport, which seems to be having world class teething problems with power outages, computer crashes (including air traffic control) and baggage sorting nightmares. In front of Daniela was an Australian family who was able to check half their household goods through customs. The rest is still lost at the airport somewhere.

When Dani was there, the computer network was down again, so the customs officials were computerless (perhaps the FRO people are on to something with their largely computer free office), so they took an improvised track in dealing with Daniela. A plainclothes customs officer – an elder woman in a saree – subtly interviewed Daniela to feel her out. Dani was clueless until the woman announced that she was a customs officer, thought she was just some old lady, perhaps also picking things up or working for the customs brokers. This turned out to be a stroke of luck for Daniela. They cleared her through without going through the boxes. The brokers told her afterwards how lucky she was as supposedly everything that comes in by air gets thoroughly examined. Yay for BIA’s computer system crashing!

The brokers were supposed to sign for the household and bring it to us in a truck. As of a couple of hours ago, they had not been able to sign off on it yet. They claim that they’ll be delivering it today. I’m dubious.


3 responses to “Customs

  1. I better not comment on all your experiences that you have made in the recent days 😉 But at least the airport experience seems to be partially a global problem: I remember the big bagagge chaos when the Hongkong airport openend, or the problems in the Terminal 5 in London Heathrow. So, let’s hope the stuff gets delivered soon!

  2. Denver too. I was kind of glad that my customer meeting in Bombay fell through because I had no desire to fly through an airport in “beta”. Hopefully everything will be worked out when Ray comes in October.

  3. I guess for a short domestic trip the new airport should be ok. Better not check in any baggage …

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