Saturday, we bought a Piano from a place down on Brigade Road called Soundglitz. It is an electronic one, a Yamaha DGX-620. The dealer insisted that we could not take it with us as it had to be set up by a specialist. They were supposed to deliver it yesterday evening, but the driver never showed up. Today, they called at 12 and said that they were on the way and would be here in 1/2 an hour. C’mon! I know Bangalore traffic and no way in Hades are you getting from Brigade road in the city center to the outer fringes of Whitefield in half an hour. Sure enough, they arrived at 1:30 in a blue cousin of the taxi rickshaws with a cargo bed. How two men sat it it, I do not know. They brought the piano up to the apartment set it down, had me sign for it and then it turned surreal.

The piano guy turned to me and said “Tea, outside”. I answered, “You want me to make you tea?”. He did that Indian head wobble thing, which can mean “yes”, “I understand you”, “I’m aware that you just spoke” or just about anything else it seems. So I went to the kitchen and made two cups of tea. I had assumed that they had not eaten lunch yet and were going to eat before setting up the piano. I took the tea downstairs and they were gone.

Huh? Where’d they go? Did they really mean that they were going out for tea? I hope they come back and set this thing up…

Update –

After three hours, I call the company. I get told that they got stuck in the mud. I don’t know whether to call that a BS excuse or accept it as the truth. They did use a cargo rickshaw to deliver it. Anyway, they say that they’ll be here tomorrow at lunch. Any bets as to when they actually show up? My money is on “not before 3PM” if I’m lucky.

Update II –
This story continued a few days later.


3 responses to “Huh?!?

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  3. How sweet of u to make them tea.
    the head wobble can be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ or any amount of things as u may have figured out by now. lol.

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