Reconciliation for the price of a shopping trip

Charlotte’s black mood did not last long. Already, we – and especially Charlotte – are less bothered by everyone staring at us. They still do, but we’re just getting used to it and Charlotte discovered the advantage of being the center of attention that comes from being exotic. We went to a department store here, called Big Bazaar. We walked there, about three kilometers from the temporary apartment. Charlotte and Daniela went on a shopping spree, buying Indian style clothing. Charlotte also met the women who ran the cosmetics department and a good sized portion of the female staff of the department store. A dozen women crowded around Charlotte for half an hour to apply makeup and she had an absolute blast.


I think she’ll do just fine. In fact, I think she’ll enjoy herself in the long run. Sammy will be tougher. Charlotte is gregarious and loves being the center of attention. Sammy is shy. When some of the women fawning over Charlotte turned their attention on Sammy and started fawning over him, he hid behind my leg. Speaking of Sammy, I read that the head is sacred in India and that you should not touch people on the head; including children. People often touch Sammy’s head. Either it is not really a problem in south India to touch a child on the head, or curiosity gets the better of people and they do it anyway.


2 responses to “Reconciliation for the price of a shopping trip

  1. All the people staring at you can really be irritating. But I guess in most cases is just a natural curiosity uncontrolled by any social norms that we have been used to. So, perhaps it somehow a good sign for an ‘unspoiled’ society where people just look at ‘things’ that are interesting and new.
    We had a similar experience once in Beijing, on the place of heavenly peace. Suddenly, all the Chinese tourists turned away from the big portrait of Mao which is displayed on the wall of the forbidden city, and instead turned to us to take a photo with us, once they spotted a red-haired long-nose.

  2. I don’t know who told u about the head touching thing. It’s inaccurate.
    Culturally people older than you or religious priests can give someone a ‘blessing’. When people wan to bless you they usually touch your head and bless you with long life etc. Blessings are commonly sort by children and given to children. So touching a childs head by an adult is quite normal and nothing bad.
    Children seek blessings by touching an adullt or parent’s feet. This is seen quite commonly in the subcontinent.
    It may be that people are touching Sammy’s head to give a blessing, or a friendly pat on the head to a child sort of thing or just very curious about the lighter hair colour. =)

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