Good deed of the day

When Daniela and I were getting dinner ready earlier, I heard Charlotte calling up from the swimming pool. She had “broken something”. I went down to check and he had pulled some filter device off of its mooring screw. As I was trying to fish it back onto the slide lock, a bat landed in the pool. The poor little thing was thrashing around and had no chance. It was doomed to drown without help, so I fished it out of the pool and set it down on the ground by the poolside. The kids (ours and the neighbors’) gathered around to look at it. Then it suddenly popped up and flew off, taking a detour between Sammy’s legs as the little guy laughed. Had Charlotte not pulled the filter off its mount and had I not gone downstairs to fix it, that bat likely would have drown.

There is an amazingly powerful thunderstorm raging just north of us. They get really impressive evening thunderstorms during the fortnight before the monsoon sets in.


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