Yer gonna drive a WHAT in Bangalore?

I saw a small newspaper article the other day. A Porsche dealer is going to be opened in Bangalore. I’ve been here all of three days, but I already know enough about this place to know this; no Porsche belongs anywhere near any roads in India. Four by fours take to the roads here like ducks to water. Porsches here are just a stupid idea!


6 responses to “Yer gonna drive a WHAT in Bangalore?

  1. I guess the Porsche dealer will focus on selling Cayenne cars: 4 wheel drive!

  2. Ahhh…. the bastard child cross between a 4×4 and a Porsche. Too effete to be a 4×4 and too ummm… 4×4’y to be a Porsche. 😛

  3. I think basically they use the parts of the VW 4-wheel (‘Tuareg’, I think) but put another branding around it. That is a real platform strategy 😉

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  5. Hehe. I used to ride motorbikes in peak hour Bangalore traffic until recently, 40 kms a day.

    My take is, there is a method to all the seeming madness. Basically, first come, first served. Also, yielding doesn’t make sense, because there are so many vehicles that if you begin yielding, you will never get a chance yourself, its that dense.

    It is somewhat similar to walking in a dense airport or mall. You don’t really stop / yield to pedestrians when getting onto a larger section just because you came from a smaller side road, do you ?

    Of course, it is more stressful, and you end up having to watch out every second.

  6. hey there, i saw the google sari and checked yr blog out..its good. haha i’m born and raised in bangalore so i can tell you that those who buy a porche are buying it for status more than performance..just like many do elsewhere i guess…but indian roads are like no other..

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