Why don’t they fix it?

Words of wisdom from Sammy. He was standing in front of the pothole below and asked “why don’t they fix it”. Good Question Sammy. They have the tax revenue. They have the cheap labor. They have the citizenry fed up with bad infrastructure (just read the newspaper here or for that matter, there is a Google earth community placemark at that spot complaining of “Degraded Infrastructure”).

I don’t get it.

Degraded Infrastructure


3 responses to “Why don’t they fix it?

  1. Quirky Indian

    Neither do most of us.

    But if I were to hazard a guess, it would be that we – and therefore our politicians – are concerned with things far more important than infrastructure, poverty, health and education. And what might those things be? Just stuff like IPL, caste, religion and language. You know, stuff that can’t wait.

    Looking forward to reading accounts of your other experiences.

    Quirky Indian

  2. Having more important things to do than solving problems is, sadly, a universal trait of politicians I think. I also see this in American politics. There are serious challenges facing the US and how it goes into the future such as out of control health care costs, securing social security and ensuring that it does not get bankrupted when the baby boomers retire and energy security. Rather than debating how best to tackle these problems, we get treated to nonsense issues such as gay marriage and whether or not Obama’s wife is sufficiently patriotic.

    As long as it is easier for politicians to get elected on emotional hot buttons than actually tackle hard to solve problems, they will do so.

  3. Very interesting read. True to the facts, not opinionated. I have just bookmarked your blog!

    Keep on writing!

    Cheers, Ramesh

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