Catch 22

We have an interesting problem. Our employer has contracted with a moving company to ship some of our household goods to India for us. Our weight limit is about 400kg (1000 lb). We will mostly be shipping clothes, children’s’ toys and my PC.




But… India seems to have an interesting bureaucracy. We can’t actually ship our stuff from Germany to India until we have registered our presence there. It is not enough to have the visa, so we can’t pre-ship and have our stuff in transit while we are in transit. First we have to acquire lots of stamps and signatures. Only then are we allowed to ship our household items and we have a 15 day window to get it to India. This means that our thousand pounds of stuff has to go by air, rather than ship if it is going to reliably arrive during this window. I don’t think the lawmakers who came up with this regulation care about either the environment or sparing people needless costs. I’m not paying the bill, but it does seem silly to have to burn ten tons of jet fuel to get a vanload of household items to India.


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