The Snake Catcher

There is a story behind the “cobra on my lawn” line in my first post.

A few months ago, when we first started looking at going to India, Dani showed me the link to this neighborhood’s resident wiki. We were trying to figure out what kind of internet support was available in India so that we could work and the Palm Meadows wiki does discuss internet connectivity. We won’t be living there, but it was interesting to see the kinds of places that the expat ghettos are in Bangalore. As I read through the tag cloud, I was imagining a place where every whim of these western foreigners is catered to, then I got to the middle of the tag cloud…


Me: SNAKE CATCHER??? Holy Moly! They have a snake catcher!

Dani: *look of shock* Snake catcher?

Me: *laughing* yes, a snake catcher

Sammy: What is a snake catcher?

Dani: *explains the term to Sammy*

Sammy: *runs off* IIIIIIII’mmmmmm aaaaaaaa sssssssnnnnnaaaaaakkkkkeeee cccccaaaattttccccchhhheeerrrr!!!


If you follow the link, you find the snake catcher listed under “medical services” (how comforting) with the following line:

Seen a cobra on your lawn? Thinks there’s a slithery one behind the hedge? Call this guy now!


The linked page then goes on to show a Russell’s Viper that was recently found there.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


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