The Sorrow of Leaving

Everyone in the family is both nervous and exited, except one. Charlotte is not at all thrilled to be leaving her friends for a year. She has campaigned off and on to not go to India. For a long time, she did not even mention it to her friends; as is not telling anyone would make it not happen. Her teacher says that she has become irritable lately in class and this morning she cried before school. She only has two more days of school after today. The kids have vacation next week and then we fly. In comparison, Sammy is easy. We simply had to tell the little mountain lover about the Himalayas, tell the little jet fighter connoisseur about the air show in Bangalore in February and promise to go on a tiger safari. He was sold.

She is going to have the hardest time of everyone, so we are going to have to make an extra effort to find her friends there as soon as possible.


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