Bombay Baby!

So it looks like I’ll be taking a business trip to Mumbai (Bombay) in early June to meet with some customers for a project that I have been working on. This means that I’ll need my suit. Dani’s boss is going there next week and I’ll try to get him to preposition it for me. 😛


And I figured out how much the temporary housing is costing our employer. They are renting a condo for 5000 rupees per day. This is about $150 a day in a country with a per capita GDP of $1000 and where the average tech worker makes ¼ of what their US counterpart makes. I’m sure it is a nice condo, but jeez! Bangalore has Manhattan real estate prices on Mississippi delta incomes. And you thought the US had a real estate bubble.


2 responses to “Bombay Baby!

  1. I for one will enjoy this insite into your year in India Does the Site let you include pictures?

  2. It should… let me try to find out…

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